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Science SA2 Important Questions with Answers

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Social Studies SA2 Sure Shot Questions with Answers

Democratic Rights –

Working of Instituitions –

Electoral Politics –

Food security in India –

Poverty as a Challenge –

Population –

Natural Vegetation and WildLife –


Clothing –

History and story of cricket –

Pastorlist in modern world –

Forest Society –

English Course A Questions and Answers from Latest Exam Papers

Best Seller –

Keeping it from Harold –

Oh I wish i’d look after me teeth –

Song of the rain –

Bishop Candlestick –

The man who knew too much –

The seven ages –

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English SA2 Chapter Wise Solved Important Questions from latest papers

Virtually True –

Rime of Ancient Mariner –

Snake –

Patol Babu –

Ozymandias –

Julius Caesar –

A shady plot –

Social Studies Important Questions for SA2 Exams with answers


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Q1: can i share sample papers,preboard paper , last year or fa paper

No, we only need this year latest actual sa2 papers for class 9 and 10

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Some of the papers are already on the website. rest  question Papers will be available from 11th March when exams in most CBSE schools start and students share their papers with them.

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You just need to share your first question paper to get access to all the papers when your exam starts. For your first exam in school, please refer to this link for practice  you will get link of all papers when you share one paper.

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no need of username password.

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We can only send the links of the papers.

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CBSE  makes thousands of sets of each subject you  can expect 4 to 5 questions repeated as such . it will also help you understand  the pattern of the exam the more paper you solve the more it will be helpful

Q8 do you provide board papers

No we can’t we can only share papers shared by other students. only school papers are possible.