6. On what principles does Python compare two strings ? Write a program that takes two strings from the user and displays the smaller string in single line and the larger string as per this format :

1st letter last letter
2nd letter 2nd last letter
3rd letter 3rd last letter

For example,
if the two strings entered are Python and PANDA then the output of the program should be :
P n
y o
t h

In python string comparison is done using the ordinal values of the characters in the string. For e.g. ord(‘a’) is 97 and ord(‘A’) is 65, so ‘a’ > ‘A’ is True.
Therefore ‘amen’ > ‘Amen’ is True.

# Code
a = input(‘Enter first string : ‘)
b = input(‘Enter second string : ‘)
a, b = min(a, b), max(a, b) # strings are being compared here, a becomes smaller string and b becomes larger one
t = len(b)
for i in range(t//2):
# There will be some spaces before the initial character some spaces in between and then the final character
print(i*’ ‘+b[i]+(t-2*(i+1))*’ ‘+b[-(i+1)]) # this is a complete string formed by concatenating spaces and characters
if t%2 == 1: # if len(b) is odd then we must print the middle character in the last line
print((t//2)*’ ‘+b[t//2])