1. Create module tempConversion.py as given in Fig. 8.2 in the chapter. If you invoke the module with two different types of import statements, how would the function call statement for imported module’s functions be affected ?

# tempConversion.py
“””Conversion functions between fahrenheit and centrigrade”””

# Functions
def to_centigrade(x):
“””Returns: x converted to centigrade”””
return 5*(x-32)/9.0

def to_fahrenheit(x):
“””Returns: x converted to fahrenheit”””
return 9*x/5.0 + 32

# Constants
FREEZING_C = 0.0 # water freezing temp.(in celsius)
FREEZING_F = 32.0 # water freezing temp.(in fahrenheit)

# programme
import tempConversion
print(tempConversion.to_centigrade(10)) # prefix is used in function call

from tempConversion import to_centigrade
print(to_centigrade(1)) # no prefix needed