1. Election is a dictionary where key : value pairs are in the form of name:votes received. Write a program that sorts the contents of the Election dictionary and creates two lists that stores the sorted data. List A[i] will contain the name of the candidate and ListB[i] will contain the votes received by candidate ListA[i]. Print the name of candidates with votes received in descending order of the number of votes received.

def bubble_sort(arr):
for i in range(len(arr)-1):
for j in range(i+1, len(arr)):
if arr[i][1] < arr[j][1]:
arr[i], arr[j] = arr[j], arr[i]
return arr

Election = {'Abdul':500, 'Mohan':395, 'Amir':800, 'Atishi':1000, 'Gautam':900}
e = bubble_sort(list(Election.items())) # Election.items() returns a list of tuples with each tuple being key:value pair from the dictionary

A1 = [e[i][0] for i in range(len(e))] # list of names
B1 = [e[i][1] for i in range(len(e))] # list of votes
for i in range(len(e)):
print(A1[i], B1[i])

# Output
Atishi 1000
Gautam 900
Amir 800
Abdul 500
Mohan 395