7.9.7 Measures to Solve Unemployment Problem

General Measures:

Different approaches are needed to tackle various aspects of the unemployment problem. Here are some general measures to address unemployment:

  • Population Control:
    • It’s crucial to control the growth rate of the population to reduce the number of new people entering the job market.
  • Reforms in Education Policy:
    • Efforts should be made to improve vocational training, enhancing skills, and upgrading the quality of the labor force.
  • Diversification of Farm Activities:
    • Encouraging the growth of value-added agri-business, such as fisheries, animal husbandry, horticulture, and aquaculture, can provide opportunities for employment expansion. The potential of these sectors for income and employment generation is significant.
  • Development of Village and Small Industries (VSI):
    • Supporting the growth of VSI, which are less capital-intensive and employ more labor per unit of capital, can help alleviate unemployment issues in both rural and urban areas.

Special Measures:

The government’s special measures for employment generation align with those undertaken for poverty alleviation.

Objective Type Questions

  1. What is the primary focus of the “Population Control” measure to address unemployment?
    A. Increasing the birth rate
    B. Reducing the growth rate of the population
    C. Encouraging immigration
    D. Enhancing the education system
    Answer: B
  2. According to the passage, what should be the emphasis of “Reforms in Education Policy” to combat unemployment?
    A. Reducing vocational training opportunities
    B. Downgrading the quality of the labor force
    C. Enhancing vocational training and skill development
    D. Eliminating educational reforms
    Answer: C
  3. How does “Diversification of Farm Activities” contribute to addressing unemployment?
    A. By reducing agricultural productivity
    B. By focusing solely on traditional farming methods
    C. By encouraging the growth of value-added agri-business

D. By neglecting animal husbandry
Answer: C

  1. What is the key advantage of “Development of Village and Small Industries (VSI)” in relation to unemployment?
    A. High capital intensity
    B. Low employment potential
    C. More labor per unit of capital
    D. Limited scope for growth
    Answer: C
  2. How are “Special Measures” for employment generation related to poverty alleviation, according to the passage?
    A. They are unrelated
    B. They are contradictory
    C. They are different in scope
    D. They are aligned
    Answer: D

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